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Get Up Jack, John Sit down!

Bonny Blue Flag

The Minstrel Boy

Oh, Susanna/Ring The Banjo

Heave Away Me Johnny

Drunken Sailor



Kemo Kimo

Yella Gals

Saint Ann’s Reel

Hog Eye Man

Saint Brendan’s Fair Isle

Soldier’s Joy

The Banks of Newfoundland

Blow The Man Down

Leaving Liverpool

The Mermaid

Angelina Baker

Nelson’s Blood

Strike The Bell

Song of The Fishes

Fiddler’s Green

The Hills of Conemarra

Rolling Down to Old Maui

Paddy West


The Jolly Tars . . .

  • Are well suited for stationary or strolling performances.

  • Perform acoustically or with a sound system.

  • Are a natural choice for maritime festivals, heritage and living history events, folk festivals, museums, public houses, schools and concerts on both an intimate and grand scale.

  • Can bring nautical artifacts to display and touch.

Booth Shot Lincoln - The Jolly Tars
Hogeye Man - The Jolly Tars
Blow The Man Down - The Jolly Tars

Since 2012, The Jolly Tars have been dramatically recreating the music of the golden age of sail in performance from southern New England throughout the  Mid-Atlantic States. Their presentations feature rousing chanteys, pensive ballads and lively clawhammer banjo tunes. Their programs are liberally seasoned with anecdotes of the life and times of 19th century sailors and their ships.  Accompanied by Jake’s clawhammer banjo and Ken’s guitar playing,the Tars' rousing and poignant vocals are complemented by, harmonica, whistle, banjo-ukulele, percussion instruments and  piano. Attired as sailors from the halcion days of square rigged sailing ships, the Tars' look and sound transport audiences back to the days of wooden ships and iron men. 

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